We strive to provide happy, healthy, lovable companions for your family.  Weimaraners make excellent companions and are awesome with children.  They truly do think they are human.  They are extremely devoted to their people.  They love to and will almost fight to be with you no matter where you are.  They are not the type of dog to be tied up or left alone because they truly want to be part of the family.  

We at Willow Creek Farm are all about family.  We bring our extended family to you and have been doing so for 15 years now.  Nothing means more to me than finding loving, committed, forever homes with people that will treat my puppies as part of their family and being totally devoted right back to them for the extent of their life.  They give you a life of unconditional love, devotion, companionship, happiness and extreme laughter at some of their crazy antics and they deserve the same right back.  I strive to find these perfect homes for my puppies and will settle for nothing less. 

Once you make a committment to getting a weimaraner there should be no excuses, absolutely none, as to why you can't keep your weim down the road or have to give them up.  You are choosing to make a LIFE committment.  How a weimaraner turns out as an adult is the result of YOUR training.  Any bad habits they may develop down the line are a result of what YOU let them get away with.  They are not born with bad habits and ending up with one that has developed bad habits that you may not like or be able to handle is a result of human error, not the dogs.  This is the reason many, many of them end up in rescues.  If you want to get a weimaraner, you have to be committed to giving them proper training and guidance and teaching them how to be respectful of you.

Weimaraners are not for everyone.  They require a firm hand in training and should not be allowed to get away with anything from day 1 or they will become the dominant part of the relationship (by firm hand I mean a tough personality that is not going to let them get away with anything).  They require your attention and lots of it and if you don't have the time and attention to give to a weim, then don't get one.  They love to be outside, go for car rides and basically just be with you but at the same time need proper training, and are easily trained when done the right way.

Our gray stud dog Turbo is the pride and joy of our breeding program.  He has a  sweet, calm and loving disposition and excellent conformation.   Now also at stud is Diesel, our Blue male.  Diesel has proven to have absolutely gorgeous puppies with nice square block heads, superb conformation, and wonderful, loving dispositions.   

Our girls, (Kota, Clover,  and Zoey) have excellent sweet, loving temperaments.   Zoey are our BLUE weimaraner.   

Our puppies come with their dewclaws removed and tails docked.   Also, with their 1st shot, all wormings and a 2 year health guarantee against specific genetic diseases.   All puppies are sold on a limited registration.

All of our puppies are raised in our home to ensure lots of love, socialization and attention.  They are handled daily by my daughter and myself.  I am personally at the side of all my girls at delivery and they would settle for nothing less.  

ALL PUPPIES ARE SOLD.  NOW ACCEPTING DEPOSITS FOR OUR JULY LITTER!!   Reserve your puppy today!!  I do require a $300 non-refundable deposit to ensure a puppy for you.  If for any reason a puppy is not available for you in the current litter, your deposit will be forwarded to the next available litter. 

King of them all -- Dakota
Right where a Weim wants to be -- Montana
Right where a weim wants to be